How to Get Ripped Abs Challenge – Day 1

How to Get Ripped Abs challenge , today is day #1.  Yesterday I did my grocery shopping to make sure I had all my necessary foods for fat loss.  I stocked up on oatmeal, chicken breasts, brown rice, black beans, eggs, red and sweet potatoes, blueberries, and bananas.  I’ll be eating a lot of whole, clean, unprocessed foods during this 12 weeks and am looking forward to the first 4 weeks which allows for 50% of the calories from carbohydrates.

My weight was 250 pounds this morning with my waistline being 46” at the largest point around the navel.  I don’t look all that bad in clothes because my upper body mass offsets my big waistline but I definitely don’t look good with a shirt off at this point so that is why I’m dedicating 12 weeks to conditioning and fat loss.

My target calories will be 2,700 per day for the first 4 weeks spread out between 5 meals.  I could only eat half of my breakfast.  I had 11 ounces of red potatoes and I scrambled up 6 egg whites with 2 whole omega 3 eggs.  The How to Get Ripped Abs program for fat loss has a daily meal plan laid out for all calorie levels depending on your lean body weight.  This calls for a lot of food for me and I’ll have to get used to eating this much.  It’s easy to pack on a lot of calories when the foods are highly processed with added sugars and fats but when you eat all food that is found on the outer aisles of the grocery store you will find yourself filling up very quickly.

I’m using a few natural supplements during my fat loss program to make sure I’m getting optimal levels of nutrients.  I’m taking a multivitamin, vitamin C, calcium/magnesium/potassium, green tea, fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, and acetyl l-carnitine.  This will make sure I’m not short on any essential nutrients while giving me a heavy dose of anti-oxidants.  The alpha lipoic acid should also help stabilize blood sugar and the acetyl l-carnitine helps the body transport fat to the mitochondria.

After breakfast I waited an hour and went to the gym for my first fat loss workout.  On paper the workout looked fairly simple but once I started doing the bodyweight exercises and high reps I quickly found that this was going to kick my butt.  The plan has me doing 3 full body workouts each week.  They are so challenging because the exercises use every muscle in your body.  There aren’t any easy isolation exercises or machines.  This workout builds functional strength and conditioning.  It took me about 45 minutes to get through this first workout and I was dripping with sweat and completely exhausted.  I’m used to doing really heavy workouts with reps in the range of 3 to 6.  This challenged my conditioning with sets anywhere from 12-20 reps and I found I am not in good condition for this.  I felt like I was back in wrestling practice using muscles I forgot I had.  Now it’s easy to see why the workout program is called Meltdown.  I have no doubts that my how to get ripped abs 12 week program is going to get me as lean as possible.

After my workout I had my second meal which consisted of oatmeal, protein powder, and a few fish oil capsules.  I could still feel fatigue from the workout I just had.  It feels good to work out that hard knowing it will trigger massive fat loss.  Later I had an early dinner with brown rice and black beans mixed together with a chicken breast and a side of green beans.  It looks like I’m only going to hit 4 meals today instead of 5.  I’m actually having a hard time eating enough food and getting so full during my meals.  How to Get Ripped Abs focuses on losing weight by eating clean foods that rev up your metabolism along with workouts that are very intensive and speed up your metabolism for hours after the workout.

I plan on sleeping really well tonight.  Tomorrow will be an intensive cardio workout which I can do at home.  I’ll also need to figure out how to get more food into my body tomorrow.  I want to stick as close to the 2,700 calories a day but today I’m only going to hit around 2,200.  I’m quite confident if I stick to How to Get Ripped Abs for the full 84 days I’ll be the leanest I’ve been in years.