How To Get Ripped Abs Challenge – Day 26

Today is Friday day 26 on my How to Get Ripped Abs challenge and I can honestly say I almost didn’t make it to the gym because I am pretty fatigued from the week.  I was hoping to make it to the gym early in the day but I couldn’t get there until 5pm on Friday.  Sometimes it can be really tough by the end of the week to get that last workout in on a Friday.  I am feeling very worn out and really need the rest over the weekend.  My body just doesn’t recover like it did when I was in my early 20’s running around as a US Marine.  These workouts will get anyone ready for boot camp and I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to get in shape before they go to any military boot camp.

How to Get Ripped Abs will get you in such good shape the boot camp will be a breeze.  It’s important to show up in condition because mentally it’s already quite challenging.  If you have a physical edge it makes the time there that much easier.

I learned another lesson today that I made note of.  The gym workouts are very tough and can make me a bit nauseous by the end so I really need to watch what I eat in the 2 hours prior to the workout.  Today’s choice of chicken salad at 3:30pm didn’t sit well for a 5pm workout.  I made it through my workout just fine and on the ride home thought I was home free but the first ¼ mile in my car was just enough to push me over the edge.  I pulled over about ½ mile from the gym, got out of my car and promptly threw up all over a gas station parking lot.  Chicken salad and lettuce all over the place, though I did it on the side in the grass so no one really saw me.  I sure felt better after that.  I need to make sure my meal preworkout is just protein powder because I need something that digests quickly and easily.  That was homemade chicken salad made from baked chicken breast.  It was delicious on the way down and not quite as tasty on the way back up.  So a note to anyone that decides to do this program – eat something light prior to the workouts in the gym.

I had a buffalo chicken salad for dinner and went to bed early.  I can’t believe I still ate more chicken.  Just can’t get enough chicken…