How To Get Ripped Abs Challenge – Day 30

Today is Tuesday day 30 on my How to Get Ripped Abs challenge and a busy work day so I didn’t get all of my meals in today.  I ate a late breakfast of 3 whole eggs, with 6 egg whites scrambled with a ¼ cup of fat free cheese, and 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread toasted.  This filled me up for nearly 4 hours and I had to make myself get up and eat my next meal which took me up until about 5pm for my next meal.  I needed to workout so I had a quick scoop of protein powder.

I went outside to do my jump rope workout and something went wrong.  I was 1 minute into the jump roping and my right calf cramped up really tight and I had to stop.  It was one of those cramps that seizes up so hard that it leaves you sore and tight for a while.  It’s 7 hours later and I’m still limping around.  Needless to say my cardio workout was shot today, can’t really count 1 minute.  I did some massage and stretching and I am pretty sure I will be fine for my workout tomorrow at the gym.  This is the first time I have cramped up on the program and I am pretty sure that it had to do with me not getting my meals and nutrients in for the day and enough water.

On my How to Get Ripped Abs program I do 3 cardio workouts a week and I try to make one of them the jump rope session.  This is the first time this happened.  I’ll stay on the elliptical on Thursday and Saturday and then next Tuesday give it another shot.  I’ll make sure to warm up and stretch a bit prior.

I ended the day with only 4 meals.  A good chicken Caesar salad to fill me up for dinner but I know my total calories fell short today.  Tomorrow I will force myself to get them all in especially in the morning because I need the first 2 meals of the day with the complex carbs to give me energy for my workout in the gym.  I’m already looking forward to my Wednesday workout as I march on in the How To Get Ripped Abs 84 Day Challenge.