How To Get Ripped Abs Challenge – Day 33

Today is day 33 on my How to Get Ripped Abs challenge and I’m happy it’s Friday.  I hit cardio today at the gym pushing hard on the elliptical.  John Alvino suggests doing very specific high intensity interval training workouts for the best method of fat loss.  It has always been my preference to use HIIT and it always works great for me.  I much rather spend only 12-20 minutes doing cardio rather than boring 45 minute sessions everyday.  There is a great variety of cardio workouts to choose from and each one has specific work intervals and rest intervals.  I’ve been doing mainly the jump rope and elliptical workouts but will be taking a break from jump roping due to my calf injury.  I’m still just a bit too heavy for jumping rope and it puts quite a bit of stress on my joints.  I was still doing it because I liked the challenge but a pulled calf muscle wasn’t something I was expecting.

My diet went well today.  I do need to stock back up on some groceries though as I’m lacking variety and eating some of the same things over and over.  It’s time to break out John Alvino’s recipe book that he includes in How to Get Ripped Abs to get some additional healthy meal ideas.  The How to Get Ripped Abs system includes everything you could possibly think of to insure success on the program.  All you have to do is follow the plan from day 1 to day 84.  I’ll get a good night rest tonight and be ready for my third gym workout on Saturday.