How To Get Ripped Abs Challenge – Day 9

It’s Tuesday Day 9 of my How to Get Ripped Abs challenge.  I ate most of the usual same things today for carbohydrates and fats but I ran out of chicken and wouldn’t have that until later in the day so I substituted a lean protein with protein powder.  It’s not quite the same having a plate of rice and black beans with a side of veggies and your chocolate protein drink.  I need to get my grill going and stock my fridge back up with lean chicken breast.  My wife will be getting back from Whole Foods soon with all the foods I need.  It’s important to not let this happen because then there is the temptation to go off plan and start eating whatever is in the house.  In this case the fridge is stocked with chocolate chip cookies but I was able to stay away and leave those for the kids.

If you have carb craving problems like I do you’ll find that the best cure is switching over to a diet of clean whole foods.  Once you detox your body and start giving it the right foods your hunger pains start to disappear and you won’t have those constant carb cravings anymore.  Eating a lot of processed and sugary foods makes you body want them more and then it becomes a vicious cycle.  The How to Get Ripped Abs program has brought some much needed structure back into my life with its healthy eating plan.  I just needed a nudge to get myself eating right again so I knew that following the plan and being held accountable by logging my journey will help keep me on track.

Once again I pushed my workout harder than the last.  I made sure to hit more reps on all my exercises than I did before.  How to Get Ripped Abs has the workout charts that you can print out and they are perfect for keeping a workout journal.  I swear by keeping track of every set and rep so that I can push myself harder each time.  If you constantly put your body under the same stress it won’t have any need to adapt by making your muscles stronger or bigger.  Pushing each exercise to the max also creates a surge in lactic acid and workouts like this can help stimulate growth hormone release in the body which in turn is a very potent fat burner.

I pushed myself to total exhaustion on this workout and was practically crawling out of the gym.  Not only am I losing fat fast, I’m also getting myself into great physical condition.  It’s about time I get rid of the bulky bodybuilder look and lean out so I can see what’s underneath the fat.  The How to Get Ripped Abs will do everything from condition, strengthen, build muscle, and increase fat loss.  So far I see this program hitting every angle.  Now I just need to stay on track and finish the race.